What is DFWTKF?

DFW Trans Kids & Families began in a small therapist’s office as a few families came together in 2015, to support their transgender or gender expansive children of all ages among the Dallas -Ft. Worth Metroplex. We are a LGBT friendly group, focusing on our gender non-conforming kids.

What started out as a parental support and therapy group soon morphed into a larger local kids and family support and social group, or even more of an extended family. This is an open an accepting group of people that has become tight-knit through similar circumstances and enjoys spending time together. We have grown quite rapidly since the Spring of 2015 and continue to see our numbers increase weekly.

Our many members are looking to make changes and help the world understand that transgender people are no different than anyone else. Creating education as well as friendship and community helps to strengthen our cause and make people realize that our families are just like theirs.

Our youth in the group range from children affirming as young as 6 years old and on up to college ages and beyond. We do have some parents in the group with children who no longer live at home, and whom are starting their own families!

Anyone with a transgender or gender non-confirming child is welcome.

We hope to see you and your child soon!

DFWTKF is an inclusive, warm and loving group. Our many members are a mix of ages, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. You are bound to meet at least one new friend, if not many! Texas artwork seen here can be purchased by clicking here.


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We know how hard it can be to relate to others who are not in the same situation. Come join us and have some fun!

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